In new builds our acoustic treatments are typically built into the wall and ceiling structure, comprising of various wide band absorbers and bass trapping, however much of our work is treating existing spaces where building internal walls and ceilings is not applicable. In this instance our custom modular acoustic system is the ideal solution. . 

These bespoke, digitally designed factory machined boxes can come fully assembled, making installation very quick, and form an instant acoustic treatment, which would normally be achieved by building stud-walls, containing various acoustic materials, and then concealed with fabric or timber diffusion panels. The wall units can contain lighting, mains and any audio ties and data connections.

The units are easily disassembled to take away if moving studio, and have very little impact on the existing space in terms of fixings. 

The modular box range includes full frequency bass traps, ceiling clouds (suspended or fixed) and midrange absorber/diffusers, as well as a wealth of bespoke furniture including keyboard stacks, rack units, doors and windows, consoles, islands and storage options. 

The finish can be determined by the client. Typically we use birch ply, which can be varnished or fabric covered, but any sheet material is applicable.

Our units are totally customisable to your needs and space, so please get in touch for a free proposal and estimate, and we will arrange a site visit to finalise the design and discuss your project in detail, and the options available.